The bold meaning of Ferrari’s new name

Unbeknownst to the general public, Ferrari’s name for its 2022 car is a bold projection of the success expected in the new era of Formula 1.

In an Instagram post from the official Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team account on Tuesday February 1, it was revealed that the new name of their 2022 title hopeful will be ‘F1-75’.

As reports, the inspiration for the name comes from the 75th anniversary of Ferrari’s first production car.

Although many will leave it there and assume that the only symbolism in the name is a celebration of their history, there is a much more significant meaning that can only be interpreted as a declaration of war on the rest of the Formula 1 grid. .

Beginning in 1980, Ferrari experienced its longest title drought in team history following Jody Scheckter’s 1979 World Championship.

For 20 years, the Scuderia and Tifosi have been plagued by faulty car design and a Ferrari-like lack of success.

This permeated the entire culture of the organization. From year to year, this has only increased the demand for the rehabilitation of the top step. This drought inevitably ended when Michael Schumacher drove his F1-2000 to the 2000 championship. It was the first of five consecutive titles for the eventual seven-time world champion.

With this new car name, Ferrari looks back to the beginnings of arguably its most dominant era as a Formula 1 constructor. It’s not just a tribute to their historic history; it’s a brave statement to be recognized by the rest of the grid.

The foundation for this unique strategy of intimidation stems from bold claims of enhanced unity of power. It includes a new “super light” structure resulting from the incorporation of new materials as well as an impressive transition to the new sustainable fuels, which are expected to reduce engine power by up to 80 BHP.

Team principal Mattia Binotto was able to participate directly in this effort, having risen through the ranks at the Scuderia as an engine engineer.

After a respectable 2021 season comeback from the depths of the 2020 campaign, Ferrari has declared its confidence for 2022. It’s not just about setting expectations of a title challenge; it is a question of affirming their intention to dominate Formula 1 and to reoccupy the first two steps of the podium on a weekly basis.

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