The Last Airbender Means More Than You Think

When Azula was born in 85 AG (after the Air Nomad Genocide), her parents, then Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa, didn’t just choose a random name for her. Rather, they chose something that honors his lineage, especially on the paternal side of the family. Her grandfather and fire lord at the time was called Azulon (Walker Edmiston), which is clearly the inspiration for Azula’s name. Also, it’s worth pointing out that she is able to bend blue flames and the Spanish and Portuguese term for blue is “azul”. Her parents couldn’t have known she’d be able to do this as a baby, so we can attribute that to the work of the writers behind “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Struggling with the legacy of her family and the Fire Nation as a whole, as well as her unparalleled levels of power, it’s no surprise that Azula would eventually cave under such monumental pressure to succeed. He may be an angry and violent person, but he is still a person who has the potential to heal himself and unpack all his emotional baggage. Sadly, Azula never got the chance to do this, but if “The Last Airbender” had continued, she might have. According to the writer Aaron Ehasz in a 2020 Twitter thread, plans were in place for her Season 4 redemption arc, with Zuko becoming her mentor and guiding her on a peaceful new path. Obviously, this story never materialized.

From her convoluted characterization to a name that touts her unique abilities and family lineage, Azula will become one of the most intriguing yet underdeveloped characters in “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

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