These are the best dog names in Canada and around the world

Did you give your furry best friend a quirky title or stuck to a classic?

Whether your dog has six middle names and a prefix or you’ve taken Fido’s route, the name you chose for your four-legged companion will forever be etched in your heart.

And while you might think your dog has a unique name, recent research reveals that many people around the world have chosen similar ones. For example, the most popular female given name in Canada, Bella, was chosen in 13 other fields as the main title. Bella is a Spanish word which means pretty or beautiful.

The study, compiled by Budget Direct, lists the most popular dog names around the world. The most popular female dog name was Luna, which in Latin means “moon”.

There are 20 different names for the bitches on the map. And while some are number one in multiple countries, some of the most interesting are “unique” to a single country.

The most popular name in Brazil is Mel, but the report’s authors note that “it’s not short for Melanie – it’s Portuguese for Honey.” Likewise, the first name in Iceland is Perla – which means Pearl.

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Main names of male dogs

The main male dog name in the Great White North is Charlie, while our neighbors south of the border most often choose Max; Max is also the most popular in the world. These two names are also considered “human names” and the report’s authors note that male dogs are “more likely to have human names with no other common meaning.”

The most popular boy dog ​​name in Turkey is Duman, which means smoke. Estonia most often chooses Leedi (yes, like in Leedi and the Tramp!).

The Japanese like to call their male dogs Sora, which means Sun. In Lithuania, Draugas is another word for friend… or Buddy.

Photo via Budget Direct

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