TikTok car stars rack up billions of views

Social media site TikTok is now one of the biggest homes for cars and car enthusiasts. The network still features dancing teens, tips, makeup tutorials, and commentary, but there are now millions of subscribers for select brands, cars, and car presenters.

Insurance provider Confused.com dug through the data to find the most popular of them all, including the most searched videos and presenters. Surprisingly, the car with the most views is not a Chevrolet Corvette and the brand is not Ferrari or Lamborghini.

“TikTok has taken the automotive industry by storm, with thousands of car-related videos uploaded every day. Users can be seen showcasing anything from new cars on the market to car wash tips, sparking of interest from car enthusiasts around the world,” said Alex Kindred, auto insurance expert at Confused.com in a press release.

“With TikTok being such an inspiring platform, the latest model shared on a popular automotive TikToker’s feed may just inspire users to upgrade their car to the newest model.”

The Ford Maverick is the most viewed car on TikTok.

Most of the ten most popular car models are expected. The Ford Mustang ranks second with 10.7 billion TikTok views, followed by the Toyota Supra (9.4 billion), Nissan GT-R (8.4 billion) and Honda Civic (4.1 billion). ). Lamborghini made the list at number 10, behind the Subaru WRX at number eight. But the winner, made more surprising by its novelty, is the Ford Maverick with 10.9 billion views.

The Maverick went on sale last year as Ford’s new small pickup, evoking the size and efficiency of 1990s small trucks. It offers both front-wheel drive and a hybrid powertrain, two things that trucks weren’t traditionally known for.

TikTok metrics analyzed by Statista put most of the over 1 billion users in the 18-24 age bracket at around 20%. The second plus is 25-34 at around 16 percent.

Usage declines as age increases, meaning many younger users are much more likely to be in the market for a $21,000 Ford Maverick as opposed to a $240,000 Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Huracan Technica
The Lamborghini Huracán Technica on the mountain roads surrounding Valencia, Spain.
Lamborghini Automobiles

However, when broken down by brands, a different picture emerges.

In this battle, German luxury manufacturers take the top three spots with BMW garnering a total of 49.2 billion views, Mercedes with 27.1 billion and Audi with 20.4 billion. Honda tied Audi and is followed by Ford in fifth place. The study notes that the most viewed BMW is the M5 high-performance sedan.

Like Twitter, TikTok influencers are judged (and compensated) by their number of followers. These numbers aren’t as large as the Blue Check site, but still impressive, with Daniel Mac retaining 12.6 million loyal followers. His schtick asks drivers of expensive cars what they do for a living. In one clip, he finds a Lamborghini Aventador being driven by a 93-year-old woman.

Alex Hirschi, better known as Supercar Blondie, comes next with 10.6 million followers. She is one of the few women in space and is based in Dubai, although she is originally from Australia. One of its specialties is the walkaround with concept cars like the Audi Grand Sphere.

In third place is Dima Gordey with 5.1 million subscribers on TikTok and another 621,000 on YouTube. Gordey focuses on luxury and sports cars like BMWs, Mercedes and Lamborghinis.

Social media giant, micro-video TikTok is now another good way to get information before buying a new car. And if it’s a Maverick or a Mustang a buyer is looking for, there are plenty of options.

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