Transgender students protest misread names at graduation



CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – The graduation ceremony for UIUC ended last week, but now some graduates are protesting, especially about the ceremony.

Some transgender students say their names weren’t read correctly upon graduation.

Transgender students have what are called dead names. Dead names are the names they receive at birth.

Once a student transitions between genders, he or she doesn’t want anything to do with that name anymore.

While attending graduation last week, a student remembers his dead name being announced.

“It’s like a very under-represented community and the university has to make a change and it’s like the bare minimum it can do to show respect,” said Cyrus Arnieri, the organizer of the event. . “Yeah, I think it’s really important to stand up for people like me.”

The UIUC responded with a statement, saying the start-up team is working with the graduates to correct the error.

The UIUC also allowed these students to walk again with the name of their choice.

If your name has been misinterpreted at a milestone ceremony, the team encourages students to contact the registrar. You can email the registrar at


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