Unprotected dark automotive glass can provide a false sense of security – Window films can improve a vehicle’s safety and comfort

WASHINGTON, DC/ACCESSWIRE/June 7, 2022/ Unprotected dark automotive glass can provide a false sense of security to vehicle owners who may believe that dark glass provides them with protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, according to the International Window Film Association (IWFA). ).

“Many newer vehicles have dark or tinted glass from the manufacturer and this can make consumers feel like they are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but most tinted glass from the original equipment manufacturer does not. don’t, unless they have UV inhibitors added into the glass,” said IWFA Executive Director Darrell Smith. “As an aftermarket product, all quality window films reduce the sun’s UV rays by 99% and can also reduce the sun’s heat by up to 55%,” Smith added.

Automotive window films can improve occupant comfort and safety by reducing the sun’s harmful UV rays that lead to cancer and cataracts, helping to keep the cabin cooler meaning the air conditioning system doesn’t have need to work as hard, especially when the vehicle is stopped in traffic.

When it comes to improving safety, window film can help passengers in two ways: firstly, window film reduces the risk of glass fragments flying off on impact and can even help prevent passengers from being ejected from the vehicle in a collision. Additionally, passengers can also be protected from flying glass pellets which can cause lacerations and eye injuries.

The IWFA offers information on its website about the laws that govern window film darkness so consumers can familiarize themselves with their local window film laws before making a decision on installation. Some jurisdictions will impose fines on the owner and/or operator of the vehicle and may require the window film to be removed if it does not comply with local laws.

IWFA offers a free service automotive window film bookleton its website under the heading “Learn About Film” with the subtitle “Automotive”. This guide offers information to help consumers decide whether or not to add window film to their vehicle.

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