Watch heartwarming video of strangers chanting a man’s name after his son got lost in a crowd in Argentina: The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, September 7

This boy got lost in a crowd in Argentina, so strangers gathered to help him and chanted the name of his father Eduardo.

As the boy cried, a stranger picked him up and carried him on his shoulders.

And then musicians playing in the street joined in a song, “Eduardo, come find Juan Cruz”.

The heartwarming gesture of the strangers who have come together to help the boy find his father is incredibly adorable.

The video posted on social media has millions of views and would definitely make your day.

The elderly man wearing a Paris Saint-Germain football club t-shirt with Messi’s name on the back carried the boy as the crowd joined him in chanting the name of the boy’s father, Eduardo.

We see the crowd around applauding and loudly shouting the name of the child’s father.

Netizens flocked to the comments section to praise everyone’s encouraging gesture and kindness.

The boy’s father then introduced himself and his son ran towards him.

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