Wellington man accused of bigamy gets his name suppressed until trial ends in July

A man accused of bigamy and fraud appeared in Porirua District Court.

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A man accused of bigamy and fraud appeared in Porirua District Court.

The identity of a man who was allegedly married to two women at the same time will remain a secret – at least until the end of his trial.

The 48-year-old, from the Wellington area, is accused of bigamy and deception of more than $ 1,000.

He has pleaded not guilty to both counts and will be tried alone on July 26.

The man’s name has been deleted since a court appearance in December. The accused’s attorney, Craig Smith, argued his name should be kept a secret forever. Police and Thing opposed the permanent deletion of names.

* The removal of the name of the bigamist must be finally decided
* Wellington man denies bigamy, fraud charges, elects judge-lone trial
* Wellington man charged with bigamy, cheating to keep his name a secret – for now

Judge James Johnston delivered his judgment on whether the man’s identity could be publicly disclosed at the Porirua District Court on Thursday.

He said he had decided that the man’s name should remain deleted until the end of the trial, at which point the deletion would lapse, unless it was extended or made permanent: “It is a matter for the trial judge ”.

This meant that the request to delete the name of the accused had been “partially granted”.

The reasons for its decision are also deleted unless a new court order is made.

At a March 4 hearing, Smith argued the man needed name deletion both because he could face extreme hardship and his safety could be in jeopardy if named. .

But the judge concluded that even though the man’s situation did not meet the high threshold required for name removal due to extreme hardship, Smith had proven that his safety could be endangered if appointed to At this point, the name had to be deleted at this point.

The alleged bigamy complainant is also subject to a provisional name deletion. Justice Johnston also pursued the removal of the woman’s name.

The man is out on bail. He would continue to be remanded in the community until his trial.


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