What we can all be thankful for this Thanksgiving

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This is a Thanksgiving column and it’s shorter than the typical daily column because you have soccer games to watch, loved ones hopefully to hang out with, and we all have them. two a lot of food to eat.

Let’s start with a reassuring story: as restraint, common sense, and self-promise go out the window at the table, we’re not the only ones who stuff ourselves and regret it later.

Even Bill Belichick, perhaps the last person in the sport you’d expect to share a cute little festive gluttony story, told a Boston radio station about his obsession with the humble potato this week.

“Oh boy,” Belichick told the Greg Hill Show, when asked about his favorite side dish. “It would be hard for me to refuse any kind of potato. I’ll go with anything – mashed potatoes, au gratin, baked. Load them up. Throw in butter. -me.”

There’s a lot to take away here, given that the New England Patriots head coach just gave more information on a Thanksgiving menu than he typically reveals on a standard NFL game, or just how a 69 year old man just used the phrase “starch me”, which must surely already be on a T-shirt somewhere.

Anyway, the tater-themed merriment out of the way, let’s go.

Yesterday, this column was about unpredictability in the NFL and how the wonder of the unexpected has lit up this season as it did shortly before it.

Here’s something else that’s a bit of a curve ball, then. Just a day later, we’ll be celebrating the opposite.

Predictability in sports is never a particularly good thing, except when it comes to the sports themselves and the simple fact that we can confidently assume that they are going to take place.

And, as 2021 draws closer to its conclusion and it’s time to give thanks for what we’re grateful for, that might be the best part right now.

Aside from those tense few months in Spring 2020, the sport never really went away, but they’ve been a shadow of themselves for quite a while. We weren’t sure what was going to happen, if certain things were going to happen and what they might look like.

Now that the world has adjusted to all of these changes, fans can get nervous again about whether their favorite team or player is going to perform well, and not whether they will be able to perform at all.

Between the giant servings of turkey and the countless toppings, this is perhaps the thing those who love sports, whose life beats to the rhythm of the whole year, can be encouraged the most.

It is wrong to say that the sport is back, it was back a long, long time ago. But they are back on a more stable, typical and regular basis, and there is some comfort to this.

Adjustments to the schedule due to the ravages of COVID – such as the 2020 Olympics and the 2020 European Football Championships which will take place in 2021 – have mostly worked on their own.

The games look and feel like games again, with crowds largely returning and no more NFL games on Tuesday and Wednesday to kickstart your fantastic planning for an impractical loop.

The issues with the sports fan’s calendar were, of course, insignificant compared to everything that has happened in testing over the past 20 months, and that should not be forgotten.

Still, it’s okay to also enjoy what we love and be thankful that the sport looks like its old iteration again, at least in many ways.

Now where are these potatoes?

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