Witcher 3: What is Dandelion’s real name?

Translated from the original Polish of The Witcher 3, the name Dandelion doesn’t actually translate to Dandelion, and locators had to be inventive.

dandelion The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a character adored by many fans, but his name was almost completely different in English. The Witcher series of games is based on the book series of the same name by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, although the games take some liberties in adapting them. However, Dandelion’s name is the same as the English translation of Sapkowski’s books.

In The Witcher 3, Dandelion is a bard and good friend of the protagonist Geralt. He always wears colorful and exuberant clothes and always aspires to fame in the game, even if he doesn’t seem to get it. He is, however, a prolific writer, writing all of the journal entries and character descriptions in The Witcher 3. He’s also a chronic flirt, a trait that gets him into trouble in The Witcher 3 and probably will be again when it appears in The Witcher 4.


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When translated directly from Sapkowski’s Polish-written books, Dandelion’s real name is Dandelion – a fact that many gamers are pretty familiar with, given its use in the Netflix show. However, when translated from Polish, the name Dandelion does not actually translate to Dandelion; it translates to Buttercup. Translators working on localization were reported by fictional skyline to feel like it didn’t characterize the character well enough, so choose a different yellow flower with similar characteristics.

Jaskier needed a new English name for The Witcher 3

This translation change in the international translation of the books carried over to the games, hence why most Witcher 3 fans know Geralt’s loyal companion and lovable bard as Dandelion. Another place where you can see Dandelion bearing his original name, Dandelion, in the witcher Netflix show. However, the origins of the Dandelion name become even trickier in other countries.

The Witcher 3The beloved bard of has a third name used: another flower name, Marigold. In the Czech translation of the witcher books, the bard uses the name Marigold; a little ironic given the presence of the witch Triss Merigold. Translation is a quick process that can slightly alter character characteristics via name and speech connotations. The name “Dandelion” which Witcher fans know and love today almost never saw the light of day, and if it weren’t for the original Polish name translating to something that didn’t feel right, Geralt’s fellow traveler in The Witcher 3, a better character than the one on the show, who became beloved by so many, could have gone down in history – in English, at least – as something completely different.

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Source: fictional skyline

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