Yes, Dude Perfect actually filmed one of his All Sports battles at Augusta National’s Amen Corner (and they weren’t even thrown away) | This is the loop

Let’s take what you thought you knew about Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters: conservative, steeped in tradition, the kind of place to defy convention is to play a striped golf ball.

Now consider Dude Perfect, the massively popular online outfit that likes to turn conventional sports on their ear.

On another time, say Friday, you’d think there’s no conceivable way for the club to allow the Dude Perfect crew anywhere inside the gates to film any of their All Sports golf battles. Or if it was, it might be in the controlled setting of the training area. But Dude Perfect at Amen Corner? Swinging tennis racquets off the tee, brandishing croquet mallets like putters? Club alumni would surely dismiss the notion faster than you could say “bikini wax greens”.

Well kids, watch this:

There’s a lot to take in here: the absurd array of sports equipment for navigating holes 11-13 (plus a playoff on 16), or the caddies in white overalls forgoing Frisbee use. by fear. landing at Rae’s Creek. But our personal favorite might be a surprisingly cool and fun-loving Bryson DeChambeau, who was positioned as that random golfer who prepares for the Masters, but gets carried away with the fun.

True, Clifford Roberts probably wouldn’t have approved, but he never had to worry about second-screen experiences.

Kudos to Dude Perfect for the effort, and whoever at the club fought the winning battle to let the guys in for the fun.

Thinking about it, we also have a few ideas that we would like to present…

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