Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Gives Ray Fisher a Wild Character Name

New reports suggest that Justice League alum Ray Fisher will go by a less-than-subtle character name in Zack Snyder’s sci-fi fantasy Rebel Moon.

New reports suggest that the character of Ray Fisher will have a rather unusual name in Zack Snyder’s upcoming sci-fi fantasy film, rebel moon. Developed from a concept that Snyder originally pitched to Lucasfilm as potential star wars project, the director later decided to develop the idea into his own fictional universe as part of his first-look deal with Netflix. Citing the work of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa as a major inspiration, the film will follow the story of a young woman (played by Sofia Boutella) who is sent in search of warriors on neighboring planets as her own colony is destroyed. threatened by a tyrant known as Belisarius.


Continuing to work with several of his former collaborators, Snyder wrote the screenplay for this latest outing with his army of the dead co-writer, Shay Hattan, and Kurt Johnstad, who helped him adapt Frank Miller’s novel 300 on the screen. In a series of recent casting announcements, it was also revealed that Snyder will once again be working alongside Ray Fisher, who first appeared in a cameo role as Cyborg (aka Victor Stone) in 2016. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice before making his full debut in 2017 Justice League. When Snyder left the production team DC due to a family tragedy, avengers Director Joss Whedon was tapped to take over directing duties and made several changes to Snyder’s original plan for the film, including significantly reducing Fisher’s role.

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Following recent casting announcements for Snyder, which also included Charlie Hunnam, Djimon Hounsou and Doona Bae, THR reports that while character details are sparse, they have been given information on which actors will be starring. According to this report, Hounsou will play a character named General Titus, and Bae will serve as the antagonist who masters the sword. Most interesting, however, is the name of Fisher’s resistance fighter, who goes by the less-than-subtle moniker Blood Axe.

Ray Fisher Cyborg Justice League

While Fisher’s new character name certainly conjures up images of a vicious warrior, it’s still unclear exactly how important his role will play in the film’s narrative. What is perhaps most interesting about the name, however, is that it deviates from the kinds of names that would normally appear in the film’s early origins as star wars concept. While the star wars is well known for alluding to certain characters’ traits via their names (Vader is literally translated as “father” in Dutch after all), Blood Ax would probably have been a little too literal to be part of the universe. star wars the universe had Lucasfilm’s original pitch greenlit Snyder.

Of course, since morphing the project into something entirely different, Snyder seems determined to create his own intricately detailed sci-fi universe, and his choice of character names will likely make a lot more sense in that particular context. With all the questions surrounding Fisher’s earlier work on Justice League, which were recently thrust back into the spotlight following Whedon’s controversial interview, there’s no doubt the actor will just want to get back to working alongside Snyder on a new project, whatever his character’s name is. . Sci-fi fans will surely be delighted to learn more about Fisher’s Blood Ax and rebel moon as the film begins filming in April.

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Source: THR

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